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My Story

I've loved animals ever since I was young. I was especially fond of horses, how majestic and beautiful they are. I started working for a barn in my teens, that's where I started learning about horses more and more. I learned different riding techniques and got into natural horsemanship. I worked with a natural horse instructor for a few years when she held clinics. I learned a lot about the natural approach. None of my horses ever had shoes, fortunately. It wasn't that I knew what I know now, it was just they didn't seem to need them as other horses did. My sister started learning about the Strasser trimming method, she became a certified Strasser trimmer and taught me many things as she was learning. I found it pretty fascinating though never pursued the hoof trimming career until many years later. Later on she got into the Pete Ramey trimming method after doing research and finding his technique gives spectacular results. And of course seeing the results herself after using his techniques she shared them with me. I decided this is something that I'd like to do, to help horses who don't really have a voice and help give them as close to a natural lifestyle as I can! And so my education began and here I am with a very rewarding career!

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